I had the opportunity to collaborate with Juno, a full-service creative studio in Boston, creating the brand for NeighborSchools. This brand is a startup focused on creating a marketplace for in-home family childcare programs. While Juno created the major branding and identity of the brand, I was brought in to create all illustrations and icons.

View the final illustrations and icons below, as well as the creation process.

In creating the brand illustrations, I started by drawing the same scene in three different styles to help NeighborSchools figure out what they wanted and didn’t want in an illustration style. To unify the brand, I brought in the shapes present in the NeighborSchools logo and utilized strictly brand colors for the palette, aside from skin and hair colors.

Style 1 was selected from the three presented for its gestural manner, with loosely stroked lines and simplified facial features that gave the illustrated scenes a welcoming, friendly feel. Feedback from the first style round provided some critiques about the age of the child, with the little girl appearing older than the anticipated clientele. The clients wanted to see a range of skin tones, as opposed to a universal yellow. We also went back and played around with the scale of the shapes- at this size and frequency, they were competing with the illustrations too much.

For the second style round, I also tried various styles for the background to get a more playful, less architectural feel to the drawing.

After the style of the illustrations was approved, I was given a brief written description of each of the eight scenes. The initial style-testing illustration was slightly edited to be used for the home page illustration.

Along with creating illustrations for the brand, I also worked on a series of icons that would feel branded, but still recognizable for what they were meant to represent.

The illustrations and icons below were then edited slightly to create the final versions, viewable at the top of page.