Homesense Spring + Summer Signage

For Homesense's spring and summer seasons, I developed a visual direction for in-store signage. I created hand drawn patterns utilizing Homesense's color palette, as well as the typefaces and style for cohesion with the brand style of Homesense. Though another direction was chosen to hang in stores, creating this visual direction was a great opportunity to jump into exploring the visual direction of the brand.

Version 1

I began by drawing three different patterns to evoke the feel of nature, flowers, and spring for Version 1 of signage. I focused solely on front of store signage for this first version. The patterns used, however, ended up feeling too "HomeGoods," so they were retooled in future versions.

Version 2

These pages are from my design in the deck we presented of our four direction concepts. One major change from my initial designs is the more graphic treatment of the patterns. They've been blown up to macro sizes in order to add a more dynamic look to the composition, as well as align more with the Homesense brand.