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Blend is a reef-safe, inclusive sunscreen brand created by Camille Martin. As a Project Lead in Scout, Northeastern’s student-led design studio, I had the opportunity to direct a team of designers and developers in creating the branding identity, packaging design, and marketing website.

The team consisted of myself, Rheisen Dennis, Cui-Lyn Huang, Natalya Jean, and Haley Stiel. Along with designing and illustrating on the team, I loved having the opportunity to lead client communication, give critiques, and work more closely with other Scout members.

View our completed brand book here.

After completing a series of branding exercises with our client, Haley, Natalya and I began logo development. I designed the finalized logo, which featured a reef-infused “B” at the beginning of a word mark.

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logo exploration.jpg

We created hundreds of potential logos. Here’s an example of one round of color testing on 5 potential logos.

Cui created low-fidelity wireframes for the Blend marketing site, which I then turned into a high-fidelity landing page with illustrated backgrounds and characters, adapting it for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

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Illustration was a main component of Blend’s branding. Along with being used for the marketing site, the characters were easily adaptable to other collateral. One example is in the one-pager I created for Blend’s CEO to utilize at conferences.