America’s Test Kitchen

Starting in January 2019, I’ve worked as the Digital Marketing Design Co-op at America’s Test Kitchen. One of the chief components of my position involves storyboarding, illustrating and animating posts for all three of ATK’s social media profiles: America’s Test Kitchen, Cook’s Illustrated, and Cook’s Country.

As well as animating organic posts, I also animate stories for ATK brand instagram profiles.


As well as animating for social media, I’ve been able to create video graphics for ATK’s YouTube Series, What’s Eating Dan? I collaborated with the video team to outline potential graphics, then illustrated and animated the graphics using Illustrator and AfterEffects.

It was important that the illustrations felt on-brand, reflecting both illustrations from ATK cookbooks and Cook’s Illustrated, the magazine that What’s Eating Dan? host Dan Souza oversees as Editor in Chief.